Legacy Life / Memorial Legacy Life 
Members of Post 12186

  1. David Bear - Gold
  2. Aaron Bear - Gold
  3. Armando Calderon - Bronze *
  4. Gene Dale - Bronze 
  5. Joseph L.  Dentici - Bronze *
  6. Arthur A. Gianetti - Bronze *
  7. Howard Grimmenga - Bronze
  8. Kenneth D. Harris Sr - Bronze *
  9. Joshua N. Kim - Bronze 
  10. John J. Mastromarchi - Bronze
  11. Ernest Philippi - Gold
  12. Terrance Sage - Bronze
  13. Roger A. Shinholser - Bronze
  14. Jerry Winters - Silver
* denotes Memorial Legacy Members 
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Legacy Life membership enables VFW Life members to leave a lasting impression on our great organization. 

Three prestigious levels of Legacy Life membership are available: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Each level offers generous benefits reserved exclusively for Legacy Life members. Once your Legacy Life membership begins, an annual endowment in your name will be made to your Post, Department and the national organization. You will feel confident knowing your contributions to our organization are not only helping today’s veterans but the veterans of tomorrow.

You may also purchase a Memorial Legacy in the name of a deceased VFW Life member to help future generations know and remember their sacrifice and contributions.

Take pride in knowing you're not only helping today's veterans, but the veterans of tomorrow. Join the prestigious ranks of VFW Legacy Life members. 


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