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VFW Post 12186 makes All American

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE VFW Honors Local Post Commander KANSAS CITY, Mo. (July [date], 2020)

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Student Veterans of America

GI Bill benefits are the most widely utilized benefits available to veterans. Moreover, veterans on college campuses have demonstrated an eagerness to not only organize but to lead in their communities while pursuing higher education. By supporting the nearly 1 million student veterans on college campuses today, the VFW has a unique opportunity to not only showcase the amazing work of our organization, but we can also harness this leadership potential to grow our organization for future generations of veteran leaders.


To help with Keeping our Veterans informed about VA Services during COVID-19

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Thankful for the Life We Live

WASHINGTON - 'What are you thankful for?' is a common question this time of year. While most would prefer to get straight to the t...

Celebrating Those Who Have Worn the Nation's Uniform

WASHINGTON - For the members the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), as well as the millions of others who have worn the cloth of our ...

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